“Cutting Edge Tech”

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Rey isn’t even a Skywalker and she’s the best Skywalker. Duel me.

Maybe making a Star Wars-themed crossword puzzle is a bit corporate of me. But, I’m an addict. They hooked me young, and they *will* be getting my dollars *whenever* new Star Wars content comes out.

So, if you’re as excited for “The Rise of Skywalker” (out on Friday) as I am, then I recommend trying this week’s puzzle to bring balance to the grid. (Ahem. Did you notice the miiinorly unbalanced grid? Of course you did.)

Solve or solve not. There is no try.

So forceful.

*Spoiler Alert* No, not that kind of spoiler. I don’t know if Poe and Finn make out (finger’s crossed).

This is the type of puzzle where it *means* something when answers intersect. In this case, I think it works pretty well seeing certain “Star Wars” characters that were killed or wounded by lightsabers in the films getting run through by LIGHTSABERS in the grid. Ah, if only the singular LIGHTSABER would have fit. Alas, I’m a slave to the 15×15 sometimes…

Happy solving, rebel scum.

“Playing on a Loop”

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Aaaaand we’re back.

Apologies for the radio silence, solvers. I was out of commission for a while there thanks to a misfiring tumor suppressing gene. If you’re interested in donating to a great cause, visit my Neurofibromatosis fundraising page. I’m among the ~1 in 40,000 people who suffer from this disease, and most of my peers have it a lot worse than I do, and many of them are kids. Proceeds benefit the Children’s Tumor Foundation.

As such, this week’s puzzle is dedicated to life’s many ups and downs. Spoilers below.

Strikes and gutters, dude.

This puzzle was inspired by an ingenious grid by Patrick Blindauer. It’s the kind of puzzle that sacrifices a little solving pleasure for some grid art razzmatazz, which I’m here for in small doses.

Whatayasay? Worth the gimmick? Drop me a comment.