About These Puzzles

Almost all of my puzzles (95% or more) will have a theme.

All of my puzzles will employ rotational, mirror, or (occasionally) diagonal symmetry.

Most puzzles will be 15×15 grids, though I occasionally post weekend-sized 21×21 and off-size 16×15 puzzles.

The puzzles on this site often include content eschewed by print crosswords: profanity, references to pain/suffering/death, etc. If your preference is for puzzles that omit these aspects of life and culture, I recommend the mainstream fare!

While mainstream crosswords often avoid using the same word twice in one grid, don’t be surprised to see, for instance, both TRUTH WILL OUT and GET OUT in one of my puzzles. (I find the convention of avoiding “duplicate” words arbitrary and restrictive.)

If you’re interested in learning how to build crossword puzzles, I’d be happy to share what I know about constructing and publishing. Feel free to email me here.

Each puzzle will include discussion of how it was constructed, discussion which might include some unfamiliar crossword jargon. Feel free to brush up here: