Month: September 2019

crosswords for these troubling times

“The Flop House”

[PDF] [Across Lite] [Solution] 🎬💣😴 Movie buffs are going to enjoy this week’s solve more than… that one friend you have who “doesn’t watch movies,” because… TRIBUTE PUZZLE ALERT! Tomorrow night I’m going to see a live recording of The Flop House, my favorite podcast, here in Boston. Simple premise: three irrepressibly nerdy comedians watch…
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Puzzle #8: Loose Chronology

[Across Lite] [PDF] [Solution] ⏰🤔 Omg omg omg we interrupt this regularly-scheduled Rossword Puzzle for a shameless plug. You *didn’t hear it from me*, but tomorrow’s New York Times puzzle is totally worth solving. Not because I had a hand in it (I did), but because it’s a NYT debut for this stellar human. Amanda…
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“Silent Night”

[AcrossLite] [PDF] [Solution] 🤫 🛌 😴 This week’s puzzle is a day late, but I have a good excuse. My close friend Alex got married, and as his best man it was my solemn duty to … make him a happy couple-themed crossword puzzle. But because Alex is an engineer, he decided to render the…
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