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crosswords for these troubling times

“Thar She Blows!”

by Aaron Paulsen & Ross Trudeau [.puz][PDF][Solution] Difficulty: 3/5 I write to you from a Manhattan just beginning to bestow the glory of spring on New Yorkers, so this’ll be a short post as Jessie and I are eager to hit the pavement. Beyond a mutual affection for al fresco sidewalk brunch and unexpected Art…
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“No Bad Ideas!”

by Aaron Paulsen & Ross Trudeau [.puz][PDF][Solution] Difficulty: 3.75/5 A warm welcome back to erstwhile Rosswords contributor Aaron “Scoots” Paulsen! Before we talk grid: heads up! I’m in the process of adding some functionality–and just tidying up a bit!–on the site, so things might look a little different in the next few days. Watch this…
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“The Old Normal”

by Aaron Paulsen & Ross Trudeau [.puz][PDF][Solution] 🌬 💦 🌿 Difficulty: 3/5 One of the happiest results of having gotten into live crossword streaming on Twitch has doubtlessly been the occasion and opportunity to become friends with this puzzle’s co-author. Known on the internet at ScootsBaboo, Aaron recently served as right honorable arbiter of a…
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