Ross Trudeau is a writer and digital media producer at Fishtank Learning, where he creates open source education resources for teachers. In recent years, he’s produced edu-toons at Match Minis and edu-development classes at Match Schoolhouse.

Ross’s crosswords have appeared in outlets such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Universal Crossword, Southampton Review, METER Magazine, and other print and online sources. He also mentors aspiring crossword constructors. (Reach out if that’s you!)

Ross also enjoys reading, bouldering, playing soccer, and writing essays like this one about his wonderful dad. On the side of the side, he is studying towards his MFA in creative non-fiction at Emerson.

Ross lives in Cambridge, MA with his partner Jessie and an objectively bad cat named Ruby, both of whom he loves dearly. You can follow him on Instagram and Twitter and the Facebooks.