“The Flop House”

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Movie buffs are going to enjoy this week’s solve more than… that one friend you have who “doesn’t watch movies,” because… TRIBUTE PUZZLE ALERT!

Tomorrow night I’m going to see a live recording of The Flop House, my favorite podcast, here in Boston. Simple premise: three irrepressibly nerdy comedians watch a bad movie, then they talk about it. Highly recommend, 10/10.

Elliott, Dan, & Stuart 🤓🤓🤓


BOX OFFICE BOMB is a revealer I’ve been messing with for a couple of years now, specifically connected to HOLY HAND GRENADE (15). Most of the iterations of this puzzle have come out trivia-heavy, with PROTON TORPEDO being a stretch unless you’re a “Star Wars” geek (check), and EXPLODING GUM being *maybe* inferable if you’ve never seen “Mission: Impossible.”

And if you just don’t like (or know) movies (or podcasts), tune back in a couple Sundays hence for a new puzzle that will alienate an entirely different subset of solvers!

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