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crosswords for these troubling times

“Dropdown Menu”

by Alison Ohringer and Ross Trudeau [.puz][PDF][solution] ๐Ÿงต Until pretty recently, the only puzzles I’d co-solve were the big ‘uns. Sundays. The grids two people can really sink both their teeth into at the same time. It turns out that collaborating on 21×21 grids yields similar returns. I think this particular puzzle sounds like me…
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“Take It from the Top”

[.puz][PDF][solution] โœ‚ โœ โœƒ There’s an open letter to the Executive Director of Puzzles at the New York Times going around. It was authored by three assistants and test solvers formerly employed by Will Shortz, and it calls for adding diversity to the Times editorial and test-solving teams, as well as for constructor access to…
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