Custom Puzzles

Ross creates custom crossword puzzles for all occasions – weddings, anniversaries, etc. — as well as for private publications and websites.

How It Works

1. Decide what kind of puzzle you want. For events like weddings and birthdays, you could request for a crossword that’s jam-packed with trivia about the person(s) you want to celebrate.

2. Decide on puzzle dimensions. Standard crosswords tend to be 15×15, though your constructor can create puzzles in a range of shapes and sizes. (Puzzle dimensions will influence cost.)

3. Approve grid and clues. No puzzle is complete until you’re satisfied with the grid, the fill, and the clues.

Get Started

Provide some information about your custom crossword via this Intake Form, on which you can also ask any questions you may have.

Ross will be in touch within two business days to discuss puzzle particulars, pricing, and delivery date.