“Win the Internet”

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Thanks for visiting my puzzle site! It owes its existence ~75% to the neatness of the URL. (“OMG–did you start writing crossword puzzles because your name is Ross?”)

The puzzles I publish here will be a little bit saucier, cheekier, and sometimes a lot bit more niche than puzzles of mine you’ll see in print. The truly niche ones I’m going to store on a “speciality puzz” tab. That’s where you’ll find my crosswords for the U.S. national soccer teams, climbing-themed puzzles, and, like, puzzles about my cat. (Ruby, before you ask. She’s a gem.)

11 thoughts on ““Win the Internet”

  1. The downloadable file is a different puzzle than embedded one. Thrilled to see another indie puzzle site! And more high quality puzzles to add into my solving rotation. Thanks!

  2. Nice start, I enjoyed it. I see that you used this puzzle to work out your original plan for today’s (Monday’s) NYT puzzle. Was surprised to see EDIT WARS again, but then saw what you were up to.

  3. So fun to play squares that are a bit more personal, I will certainly be back for more. Best of luck!

  4. An opportunity for more Rossword Puzzles?! Count me in!! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผโค๏ธ

  5. BHUTTO, RILKE and ANSEL were nice details and loved HARDC and YAWP. I counted 13 double letter answers, which I would have liked to see a reference to as a secondary theme?

    Thanks for sharing Ross, on to the next one!

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