“Fall of the British Empire”

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I love grid circles. My crosswords are full of them. They’re full circle. The tool allows you to achieve some interesting visual effects with a grid, and I dig how this one came out. That being said, they can get overused, so I’ll try to space them out.

It’s surprising to me that more mainstream crossword puzzle outlets don’t support the full such “gimmicky” gamut: circles, rebuses, shaded boxes, etc. They offer such potential in terms of new ways to execute avant-garde themes, and it doesn’t seem too terribly difficult from a backend perspective. This site runs PuzzleMe, which has rebuses/circles native to the software.

Oh, and before I’m accused of piling on the British, some of my best friends are from the U.K. So.

Plus… if Alex Morgan is wrong, I don’t want to be right. 🍵

4 thoughts on ““Fall of the British Empire”

  1. I’m enjoying your puzzles a lot and thank you for making them available in .puz format. I do have a question: I’m wondering why you’re zipping the .puz files. That format is very economical in size so a 15×15 puzzle in only about 2K. All the browsers should be able download that as an unzipped file.

    • Glenn—glad you’re enjoying the solve! WordPress doesn’t allow unzipped .puz media for “security reasons.” Go figure. I may start linking to unzipped .puz files in a dropbox folder. Stay tuned.

    • Love the trickiness of the theme answers, the nod to Jane, and any Harry Potter reference, esp in a UK themed puzzle

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