“Them’s Fightin’ Words!”

[PDF] [AcrossLite] [Solution] Fight me. 👊🏽💥

Crossword puzzles tournaments ARE A THING. Yesterday I competed in my second Lollapuzzoola, an annual event here in N.Y.C., and came THIS CLOSE to my ULTIMATE GOAL … of cracking the top-100.

I don’t know who this Michael Berman is … but … I hate them

If you’re reading this, you should go to this or any of the major puzzle tournaments (ACPT, Boswords, Indie 500) next year. It *does not matter* if you solve crosswords quickly. Go to meet your tribe, puzzhead. They’re deeply nerdy, deeply wonderful people.

So, in the spirit of friendly competition, this week’s puzzle wants to knock you on your ass and take your lunch money. You gonna let it? Are ya? PUNK!?

2 thoughts on ““Them’s Fightin’ Words!”

  1. Sorry bud, I had no idea I was killing your dream. I can empathize with you, since my goal was to finish in the top 99.

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