“That’s the Spirit!”

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I’m posting this week’s rossword puzz from the Artisan Boutique hotel in Las Vegas. Each room is *covered* in reproductions of a different painter, and I’m in the Gustav Klimt suit. “The Kiss” is missing, but “Woman in Black Feather Hat” is staring down at me from above the desk. (Down in the lobby, the theme breaks down and just becomes, well, “Art”: Picasso next to Munch next to Warhol. Motif!)

ANYway, ’tis the season, so this week’s puzzle is pumpkin spiced and pre-TP’d for your solving pleasure…

HJO, 1999

What a performance this kid put on back in, Jesus, 1999. That’s right! We’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of a classic thriller, straight-up, with a twist. (N.B.: Haley Joel Osment was cast as a plucky reporter in Alpha House, written by my dear old dad.)


I think hidden word puzzles can be a fun solve if there’s an, ahem, *solid* raison d’être for the concealment. Hopefully the reveal on this way feels like an, ahem, *substantive* aha-moment. Happy solving, thrillnerds!

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