“All Shapes and Colors”

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You know what? Let’s keep it light this week.

I’m feeling the warm puzzle fuzzies. Why? Because I just signed up for my fourth ACPT, the epicenter of an IRL puzzling community that never fails to buoy my spirits and reaffirm my faith in humanity. You really should go, fellow puzz nerd, whether or not you consider yourself “good” or “fast” at solving crosswords. The point is mainly to meet the other members of your tribe, a tribe which, so far as I can tell, is among the warmest you’re apt to find.

One such tribeswoman is Adrienne Raphel–whom I met at ACPT 2017–author of the forthcoming “Thinking Inside the Box.” She’ll be there next March, presumably hawking her excellent book, and *you* shouldn’t miss the opportunity to befriend her. Or me!

Pre-order meow!

Anyway, Adrienne’s book is a smooth read, with relatable themes, and some fun insights and interesting trivia. Which, incidentally, are some of the hallmarks of a good crossword puzzle.

So to honor the essence of crosswording–fun, intellectual fulfillment, having something to chat to your nerdy tribe about–I’m posting a light n’ easy puzzle this week.

See you at ACPT (?!?!).

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