“Suds Buckets”

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My. Cup. Runneth. OVER.

This afternoon I ran a “How to Make a NYT Crossword” workshop at my neighborhood tap room, Lamplighter Brewery. The enthusiasm and camaraderie of the 55 attendees (30 womxn!) was overwhelming, and I fully intend to run it back. Would such an event find a happy home in your city/neighborhood? Leave a comment!

If Lamplighter sounds familiar, it’s because they’re the folks who put out the *delicious* Wordplay lager for which I create a beer can label puzz. This week’s offering, “Suds Buckets,” is the sequel to the original, and adorns the label of this second batch of Wordplay that debuted last night.

Future constructors of Camberville

*SPOILER ALERT* This puzzle had its genesis in the revealer, HOLD MY BEER. It seems ready made for a hidden word puzzle, so most of the work involved generated base phrases to accommodate STEIN and FLAGON spread across multiple words.

In fact, neither FLAG ON THE FIELD nor BAD TASTE IN MUSIC were in my word list at all. Both entries, while being pretty specific and bordering on “GREEN PAINT” style arbitrariness, ultimately make me pretty happy to look at.

Almost as happy as looking at all the smiling faces of Greater Boston’s aspiring constructor community, I mean.

So much love! -Ross

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