“Little League Team”

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Days in social isolation: 3 … Puzzles constructed: 5 … Puzz mentorship Zooms: 3 … Construction seminars: 1 …

I imagine that as long as we’re hunkered down like this (hunker down, if you can!), I’ll be pushing more puzzles than usual. And because I imagine many of my solvers will have a touch more time to kill, I’m going to make them a bit more challenging. And that starts with today’s puzzle, “Little League Team.” You got this. We got this.

Fish are friends…

*SPOILER ALERT* For those of you who had NO idea what was happening until you looked at the solution, welcome to the world of rebus puzzles. They’re a thing!

If you’re solving the .puz, AcrossLite still doesn’t make entering answers that easy. On a Mac, click the Edit menu > special entry > multiple letters. Bleh.

This puzzle was one that I originally sent to the New York Times, but Will had concerns about the familiarity of the ear worm BABY SHARK. But because they play it every day at baseball games in D.C., and because both of my siblings and all my friends with young children hear it in their goddamn sleep, I think it’s fair game for you folks.

Oh, and ANTI-GERRYMANDERING is a pretty bonkers way to fit TIGER in this grid, but I’m all for saving our democracy, so hopefully that one goes down smooth for y’all.

Wash your hands, y’all. And stay home if you can. Do all the puzzles.


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  1. More puzzles, and more challenging puzzles… a happy way to get through this crazy time. Thanks for that, Ross.

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