“Wait… Where’s the Turkey?”

by Amanda Rafkin & Ross Trudeau 🦃 💨


Happy Thanksgiving! We depart from our regularly-scheduled programming to bring you a special holiday puzzle. It’s *so* special, in fact, that it breaks our solving apps.

SO. You’re going to need to print “Wait… Where’s the Turkey” and solve on paper. Apologies to those of you out there for whom this isn’t possible; we’ll return to web and mobile-friendly grids on Sunday.

Amanda and I would also love for you to take this opportunity to show us your solving spots! Print the puzz, get comfy in your traditional solvin’ chair/nook/corner/bathtub, and take a selfie of you solving your gravy-stained holiday grid. Tag us on Facebook (Amanda/Ross), Instagram (Amanda/Ross), or Twitter (Amanda/Ross) if you’re down to share. And happy solving!

4 thoughts on ““Wait… Where’s the Turkey?”

  1. Thanks, Amanda and Ross, for this puzzle. I can’t share a selfie because I don’t use social media (cranky old boomer here) but I solved the puzzle flopped on the sofa with my clipboard (gotta have my clipboard for puzzles) and a cup of coffee. Hope you are enjoying leftovers today!

    • Selfies are just the gravy. Solved puzzles are the turkey. (My mother would rebel agains this metaphor; she considers turkey little more than a gravy delivery system.)

  2. This was neat! I solved it on Friday but forgot to post. Anyway, I was out in the backyard munching on leftovers while solving. 74 degrees and sunny in Virginia.

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