USMNT November Warm-Up

a mid-week bonus puzzle for U.S. Soccer heads

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Mid-week bonus puzzle!

There are two things I love as much as crossword puzzles: my fiancée and U.S. soccer. And in two days time, Jessie and I will be getting on a plane to Cincinnati to see my beloved U.S.M.N.T. play Mexico, the first time I’ve seen them in person since I flew to Panama for a World Cup Qualifier before the pandemic. I couldn’t possibly express how ding dang excited I am. For anyone else who’s counting down the minutes until kick-off, please enjoy a crossword with a theme that’ll test your November qualifier window roster knowledge.

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And, please bury me with this photo of the boys solving one of my puzzles a couple years back:

6 thoughts on “USMNT November Warm-Up

  1. Love the photo, love the puzzle, love the fact that you guys are Cincinnati bound! And yes, I can totally see how ding dang excited you are because you spelled PLANE wrong 🙂 Have a ball, and thanks for the bonus!

  2. We were just in Cincinnati this weekend for the Atlanta United game. Bummed not to be able to stay for US v MEX! We’d never been there before and had a great time all weekend.

  3. I almost passed on this puzzle due to my ignorance of soccer. I’m an old-timer who is into baseball and basketball. What I know about soccer is that it is the most popular sport in the world, the players are extraordinarily athletic and competitive, its really hard to score, and there is an announcer who stretches the word ‘goal’ to superhuman lengths. Upon solving the puzzle, I realized I should pay more attention to this great sport.
    Let’s hope that after the Cincinnati match-up the Mexico team will retain it’s 28D status. Meanwhile the USA team has already distinguished themselves as winners by attending to your crossword puzzle.

    • You know, I wasn’t a huge soccer fan until after college, but once I started paying attention, it more or less became the only sport I pay any real attention to. I’d highly recommend watching the game tomorrow night on television — USA-Mexico is one of the world’s great soccer rivalries!

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