“Money Is No Object”

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I have a funny feeling that the act of choosing to be optimistic might end up being the radical act of faith that characterizes the holidays for our household this year. And many of you, dear solvers, have stocked the woodshed of my heart with fuel enough to see me through until spring. The well-wishes and kind words I received in response to the essay I posted last week were overwhelming, and I haven’t really got the words beyond thank you. Thank you to those of you who wrote me about managing your own chronic pain; thank you to those of you who wrote about pandemic fatigue (its own sort of chronic condition); thank you to the person who mailed me a stack of puzzles for convalescent solving.

Anyway: optimism. We’ve got a beautifully trimmed tree, a warm hearth around a charmingly kitschy fake fireplace, a growing stack of presents wrapped in ribbons that the cat doesn’t seem interested in trying to choke herself on. (A minor Christmas miracle.)We’re boosted, ready to splash the takeout cash, and grateful for puzzles and puzzle people. And here’s an early present: Will Shortz in conversation with my pops!

Thoughts and spoilers for “Money Is No Object” after the jump.

her presence is a present ๐Ÿ˜ป

I was originally messing around with a MONEY IS NO OBJECT (15) revealer, using exclusively answers like CRYPTOCURRENCY and ELECTRONIC CHECK, but ultimately I liked the idea of building a puzzle around the phrase DIGITAL WALLET and including, well, just stuff you might have once held in a wallet.

Surely paper receipts are going the way of the dodo, and even back in the 90s I wasn’t often stuffing a check in my billfold, but I still appreciate the conceit here: RECEIPTS, ID, CHECK, COIN, all uploaded to your DIGITAL WALLET. Remember paper money? Me neither.

I would have preferred to find another 15-letter answer to pair with ELECTRONIC CHECK, since as it is the 13-letter revealer opposite EMAIL RECEIPTS makes for a less-than-pliable theme set. But we make do, don’t we? Keep calm and puzzle on.

Happy solving, friends.


13 thoughts on ““Money Is No Object”

  1. For a 15-letter item that might appear in a digital wallet, how about VACCINATION CARD?

    Re 19A, I’ve been noticing that word in several recent puzzles clued as a noun (i.e., the soldier in question), whereas I always understood its original usage to be as an adjective describing said soldier (the “A” stands for “absent”, followed by “without leave”). In the military, would anyone ever say “he is an AWOL”, or would they always say “he is AWOL”? That’s not a nit with the puzzle; I always like language evolve and am just wondering if this is such an evolution.

    Glad you’re back on your feet (at least figuratively) following your surgery.

  2. On further reflection I guess VACCINATION CARD doesn’t work since you want the puzzle word to already indicate that it’s in electronic form, whereas that one suggests the physical version.

  3. Sharing the JOY of your being on the recovery side of surgery. Warmest best wishes for a quick and complete recovery. Thank you for continuing to brighten our Sundays. After the trumpet sounds and your Mom does her CBS bit, it is time to look for your treats. You guys enjoy all the holidays between now and next year to the fullest!

  4. This title!!
    It reminds me of an old song –

    Dear John Deere,
    Wonโ€™t you send me a tractor?
    Money, John – is no factor!!

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