“Take It as a Compliment”

by Katherine Baicker & Ross Trudeau

[.puz][PDF][Solution] Difficulty: 3.5/5

Just a couple of crossworld links to share with this week’s puzzle!

-A24 just put out a book of 99 movie-themed crosswords, edited by film writer and New Yorker puzzle constructor Anna Shechtman. There are plenty of names you’ll recognize on the constructor list, including Rosswords regular Amanda Rafkin!

Lollapuzzoola kicks of on the 27th in New York City! It’s once again hosted by Brooke Husic and Sid Sivakumar. Jessie and I plan to attend and compete in the pairs division. (“Compete” might be the wrong word; my strong sense is we’ll be more inclined to screw around.)

Thoughts and spoilers for “Take It as a Compliment” after the jump. We are indebted to Kelsey (of crosstina aquafina fame), Bruce, Moose, Rohan, and Tara for offering their input as test solvers this week. Thanks, guys!

Kate: I’m thrilled to have another opportunity to co-construct with Ross, who deserves his very own ode.  (Opal of mine? Omission of construction?  Never mind.)  Hope you have as much fun solving as we had constructing!

Ross: It’s always a distinct pleasure to work with Kate, one of my most indefatigable and creative themed puzzle collaborators. I do believe you’ll see our names together in print again before too long!

Actually, there were far fewer options of these O + valid word string examples (that maintain the pronunciation of the newly-generated word) than we thought there’d be. The relative tightness of the theme set makes this one extra appealing to me!

Happy solving, friends!

12 thoughts on ““Take It as a Compliment”

  1. Good morning all and thank you as always for the brainy start to my Sundays! I think you have a typo in the 66A clue, unless you have been to weddings where one of the betrothed is the Verrazano Narrows. Also, I am not much of a poker player (in fact whenever I play I am like an ATM dispensing money to the other players) but is the clue/answer actually right for 13D – can one respond to a call with a raise? Anyway now I am thirsty and am going to have a glass of an ode to a beverage stored on my stovetop.

    • Hey, some people get really married to their public infrastructure projects! 😀

      And presumably a raise can follow a call if there are more than two players in the hand, eh? Enjoy your quaff, Rich, and thanks for dropping by as ever!!

  2. Ross – You and Kate are certainly owed compliments for this weeks’ clever and challenging puzzle!

  3. In my previous response I forgot to mention my flashback related to 24-A. Back in the early 70’s (my final involvement with LSD), a paper dose was referred to as blotter acid. A tab referred to a colored tablet (for instance ‘Purple Haze’ or ‘Orange Sunshine’). There were also Window Pane and Capsule delivery mediums. I do not know what category the dreaded Brown Acid fell into. Bummer. Perhaps some of your more experienced solvers could throw some light on the subject. Regarding “Take It As A Compliment”, descriptions may have changed over the past half century, but it is still a trip.

  4. Cmon this should be at least a 4 for difficulty! This one seriously took me 2 days… je ne said pas “kepi”

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