“Track Your Order”

by Ross Trudeau

[.puz][PDF][Solution] Difficulty: 3/5

It’s that time of year! In a couple short weeks, Lamplighter Brewery will be releasing their next run of Wordplay, a delicious brew for which I create beer can label puzzles. If you’re ever in Boston, I can’t recommend their taproom enough. I’ve worked on perhaps half the puzzles you’ve seen on this site at their bar–they also serve pretty ding dang good coffee in the morning.

I write to you today from my brother’s house in Long Island where we’re celebrating his birthday. We had to bounce early from Lollapuzzoola after puzzle 3 to get here, so my apologies if I missed you in NYC! I gather that congratulations are in order for friend of the blog and crossword links purveyor Matt Gritzmacher! Kudos, Matty!

I’m going to skip puzzle notes for “Track Your Order” this week, since I’m going to be talking about it in depth at a puzzle event over at Lamplighter in a couple weeks. Watch this space for details!

Happy solving, friends!


9 thoughts on ““Track Your Order”

  1. Great puzzle, and I couldn’t help but grin when I got to the second revealer! What a fun departure from the standard rules.

  2. Here in Canada, I learned a variant on the adage, which rhymed one of the elements with “never fear,” and the other—a favoured style of whiskey in these parts, so I understand—with “never try.”

    I, for one, never mix my drinks. If I start the evening drinking beer, red wine, and Scotch, I continue to drink beer, red wine, and Scotch.

    Thanks for the swell puzzle, Ross.

  3. I loved solving this week’s iconoclastic puzzle (I kept wondering “can Ross do that?”). The revealers reminded me of my preferential drink order for staying in the clear: I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.
    The clue for 42-D, among others, was amusingly clever.
    Thanks for yet another fun puzzle!

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