“Did I Stutter?”

by Jessie & Ross Trudeau


Jessie is away for a whole week. She was invited to give a talk in Milan, and I stayed behind because the semester hadn’t ended yet and I had a couple of projects I wanted to finish. But after three straight days of her high-res photos of rich, multi-course meals and centuries-old frescos, I’m suffering SERIOUS FOMO and regretting all of my choices. Morale is deteriorating rapidly, so I decided to reach way back into the archives and run a puzzle with a revealer answer that Jessie taught me right when we first started dating. We’d only been together a few months, but she followed up the definition with, “It sounds like a, you know, revealer answer, right?”

Be still my heart.

We send our gratitude to this week’s test solvers Alan, @emaland, and Clark. Thanks guys! Thoughts and spoilers for “Did I Stutter?” below the jump.

FILLER INJECTIONS! I mean, I knew what Botox was, and I think I’d heard the word “injectables,” but FILLER INJECTION! It just screams addition puzzle. Here we are.

UH was the sticking point. There were just VERY few words that, when you add an UH, create a new valid word that works as part of a longer base phrase *while* maintaining the sound of the filler word “uh.” And in fact, UH-OH is a hyphenated word, so it’s a teensy bit of an outlier. But the theme felt thin with just AH, UM, and ER, so we went with it. Plus, I’m a big fan of 5x 15-letter spanners. Looks so orderly.

Happy solving and happy Hanukkah, friends!


4 thoughts on ““Did I Stutter?”

  1. hey: in the middle of solving your puzzle my power went out and the computer went down. After it came back up,
    the puzzle was cleared and my answers erased. Boo. Is that on your end or mine?; thanks. k.

    • Hey, Kenyon. Sorry for your troubles! I think that’s on your end; generally if you navigate away from a page and return in the same browser your progress should be maintained.

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