by Ross Trudeau

[.puz][PDF][Solution] Difficulty: 3.5/5

This past week Jessie and I visited Syracuse to go apartment hunting, and it turns out that our new home might be the most commercial pun promiscuous town I’ve ever lived in.

The establishments we stopped in front of–compelled by awed admiration–included Pastabilities, AppeTHAIzing, Syrenity, Glazed & Confused, and the cherry on the sundae, a little cafe called Freedom of Espresso. (I’m given to believe that Pastabilities is, in fact, great: Eugene Levy was apparently spotted there on Wednesday night.) This all struck us as syriously auspicious, which feeling was only augmented by an advertisement flashing across a downtown theater marquee that stopped us dead in our tracks as we passed underneath (see below).

No notes this week. Happy solving, friends. -R

11 thoughts on ““Schoolmates”

  1. Syracuse, the home of Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. The best Wegmans I’ve been to is just off 481 near DeWitt.

  2. Re my comment to a prior puzzle that my wife is not a fun of Rossword-style humor… Let’s agree that I will not be showing her this groaner of a theme. Which still has me laughing audibly! Her loss.

    63A is a new addition to my vocabulary. TIL! Glad to see 57D’s more recent oeuvre is being recognized.

  3. Not sure whether I should applaud you on this puzzle for the ambitious theme density + stacking of the revealer, or scream at you for 19-Across. Bad Rossy! Bad! >:(

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