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crosswords for these troubling times

Left Speechless

by Amanda Rafkin & Ross Trudeau [.puz][PDF][Solution] 🙊🙊🙊🙊 Difficulty: 2.5/5 I post this puzzle with much love in my heart for my co-author Amanda Rafkin, whose name you’ll recognize from the masthead at the Universal Crossword where she is an assistant editor. Whether or not it was happenstance we’ll leave to the gods to decide,…
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“The Old Normal”

by Aaron Paulsen & Ross Trudeau [.puz][PDF][Solution] 🌬 💦 🌿 Difficulty: 3/5 One of the happiest results of having gotten into live crossword streaming on Twitch has doubtlessly been the occasion and opportunity to become friends with this puzzle’s co-author. Known on the internet at ScootsBaboo, Aaron recently served as right honorable arbiter of a…
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“Captured on Film”

by Lucy Howard & Ross Trudeau [.puz][PDF][Solution] 🐛🐜🦋 Difficulty: 2.5/5 Today’s puzzle is a collaboration with Lucy Howard, a cherished friend whom I’ve never met in person. Towards the beginning of the pandemic we connected online via puzzles, and in the intervening months we’ve communed over rock climbing, we did an in-home Zoom wine tasting…
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“Local Lingo”

by Soleil Saint-Cyr & Ross Trudeau [.puz][PDF][Solution] 🌍 📬 Difficulty: 3/5 The last big online puzzle tournament of the summer kicks off next Saturday. Book your Lollapuzzoola tickets now! As a bonus, my collaborator on this week’s puzzle, Soleil Saint-Cyr, has also contributed a puzzle to a slate of warm-up midis with a meta solution.…
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“Tough Way to Go”

by Jessie Bullock & Ross Trudeau [.puz][PDF][Solution] ☠️🚢 🚞 🚌 ☠️ Difficulty: 2/5 Conventional wisdom is that you don’t acknowledge a no-hitter in progress, lest the bored and minorly vindictive karmic bureaucrats in the sky take note and yank the rug out from under your pitcher. Avert your eyes, the thinking goes. Think about something…
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